How to get organized

Getting organized isn’t an easy thing at least not for me. As much as i want everything to be clean and organized and pretty it just doesn’t stay that way. So the best ways to get it organized and keep it that way is going to be the main subject in this post.

Your house/ room

First things first doing it room by room

The way i got my house organized is by working every weekend on a different room and just cleaning and choosing a spot for everything on my own pace. because i know that if i would rush it in e few days it would be a mess because it wouldn’t be as good as i wanted it to be. If you would actually do it multiple room at a time you could possibly make an even bigger mess. The way i did was first of all to buy a few extra cabinets in almost every room of the house, because i had too much stuff for my storage space. So that’s a good thing to check out when you want to reorganize your house.

Your life

Once the house is done you can start on getting your life on track as well. An easy way to do that is with bullet journaling, this is lately been getting quite popular and has really helped me planning everything that has to get done.

Bullet journal

Starting a bullet journal doesn’t require a lot in theory. You could start with any notebook you have lying around and a pen or pencil. But as i have remarked on myself, with actual supplies i bought i was more motivated than with just regular things i had laying around. This post is not going to be about how to start a bullet journal, but a post about that will come in a near future with examples of my own bullet journal.

I’m going to post a more specific post about each room every upcoming sunday now since that is cleaning day here. i’m goinig to try to get a few series going if any of you few readers i have, have some requests or questions go ahead and ask me. you can contact me on my facebook, instagram, or my mail:

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